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If we do the things we have always done, we will observe the results we have always observed

Paul VII

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So What is Scrum?

Scrum is a simple method for completing any project and building any product efficiently and on time.  Watch The Video Below To Find Out How it Works.

About Pashun Consulting

Pashun Consulting is a specialist in Scrum training, coaching and leadership within major global organisations. The company is the brain child of CEO & Managing Director Paul Ashun. We are instructors of scrum master certification and agile scrum training with over 9 bestselling courses and approaching 100,000 students on platforms such as  We are authors of over 10 books on the subject of scrum thanks to our Amazon Top #10 Bestselling Author Paul VII.  Our teachings in the form of books have been published to the popular infoq website among other places and we are responsible for the popular free scrum book.

Our journey began before agile and scrum methods were widespread in the industry and this gave us the benefit of leading and working on projects using non-agile methodologies such as PRINCE 2 and waterfall. For this reason, we have seen both sides of the story and can give good reasons why we ended up on the scrum side of it.  Having used both agile and non-agile variants, we can
honestly say that the scrum framework, when fully understood and used as its creators intended, has been the most successful framework for delivering a quality product. At the same time it gives ambitious businesses the flexibility to change requirements as needed in this modern world.

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