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The Scrum Mega Pack – Paperback Edition


SCRUM is a SIMPLE METHOD for managing even the most COMPLEX PROJECTS.





The Scrum Mega Pack – Paperback Edition







Agile Scrum Methodology



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Book 1. The Power of Scrum




Chapter 2. Introducing Scrum

Chapter 3. Kicking Off a Project

Chapter 4. Establishing Stakeholders

Chapter 5. The Scrum Roles

Chapter 6. Building the Product Backlog

Chapter 7. Sprint Planning

Chapter 8. Release Planning

Chapter 9. The Sprint Lifecycle

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Book 2. 72 Reasons Why Scrum Works


10 reasons why AGILE PRINCIPLES work

5 reasons why THE SCRUM MASTER ROLE works

5 reason why THE PRODUCT OWNER ROLE works

5 reasons why THE DEVELOPMENT TEAM ROLE works

6 reasons why PRODUCT BACKLOGS work

3 reasons why THE DEFINITION OF DONE works

6 reasons why SPRINT PLANNING works

7 reasons why THE SPRINT works

8 reasons why THE DAILY SCRUM works

5 reasons why BURN-DOWN CHARTS work

3 reasons why PRODUCT BACKLOG GROOMING works

5 reasons why SPRINT REVIEW works

4 reasons why the SPRINT RETROSPECTIVE works



Book 3: The Scrum Checklist

1. Scrum Master Check list

2. Product Owner Checklist

3. Team Check List

4. Check lists for each scrum practice




Book 4: Scrum of Scrums Programme Management


Pt 1. Establishing a host

Pt 2. Establishing the invitees

Pt 3. Lessons from Industry

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Book 5: Scrum Top Tips


Book 6. How to Become a Scrum Master



Book 7. How to Meet a Project Deadline with Scrum


Chapter 1. Make sure the product backlog is “ready” to start work on

Chapter 2. Only commit to what you can confidently deliver

Chapter 3. Buffer all tasks

Chapter 4. Use evidence from the past (empirical evidence) to make commitments

Chapter 5. Develop efficient means of communication

Chapter 6. Get a kick out of completing tasks

Chapter 7. Use the retrospective: Keep improving on meeting deadlines!



BONUS Book 8: : Kanban


Chapter 1. Introducing Kanban

Chapter 2. The Kanban Board – Deciding on your Workflow

Chapter 3. Determining Priority

Chapter 4. Understand The “Pull System”

Chapter 5. Establish Work In Progress Limits

Chapter 6. Understand Toyota’s Six Core Rules

Chapter 7. Create and Refining your Process

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