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Scrum Kit: Top Pieces of Kit every scrum team should own


1. White Board

The white board is important because it is usually used to create the task board for the team. The task board is the one place that the whole team can see their progress. It also often serves as a central point of conversation. The team (or pair within the team) often gather around the task board to discuss their current task, next task or simply how to solve a problem. If paper cards are being used to write user stories, they are usually arranged on the whiteboard after the sprint in order to form a task board. If digital story cards are preferred, a projector can be used to project the digital cards onto the board.






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2. Index Cards (3×5)

OK. I know what you are going to say. What good is the whiteboard without the cards to put on it? Well the industry standard cards to use on your white board are “3×5 index cards”. The cards are used to write stories and are then usually laid out on a planning table, grouped into a backlog or arranged with tasks as a “task board” on a whiteboard. The size matters here because the cards should be large enough for the team to be able to read them at stand-up but small enough that it constrains them from writing too much acceptance criterion (assuming they are being used as story cards). I recommend coloured cards because it allows the team to categorise stories however they would like. Coloured cards look more fun too!

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3. Planning Poker Cards

You would be surprised at the number of people who have thought that I am promoting the card game poker. Yes, really. I am not promoting poker, but the game “planning poker” which is used as a fun way for a team to estimate their work. Planning poker cards are used as a basis for an estimate of the size of a feature. The numbers are relative, so a 2 point feature is twice as much effort as a 1 point feature. Story cards are essential for planning poker and are often a source of fun and debate for the team.

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