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Confessions of a Scrum Master – Part 2


Confessions of a Scrum Master – Intro 2






Now that I have spoken at some length about the concept of “confessing to ourselves” where we have gone wrong in our Scrum practices and values (and where we can improve them). I wanted to give some insight into how I focus on improving.



As a Scrum Master, my main technique is to reflect on each Scrum practice individually. Did stand-up work effectively with everyone confidently revealing their blockers. Did it finish on time. Are the team actually revealing issues to each other and resolving them in retrospectives. I then figure out how to resolve any issues. For example, maybe I should remind the team that Stand-ups are for them to plan their day (rather than update me). And maybe I could remind them to think about and note down specific issues (such as problems completing stories or planning) prior to the retrospective.




As a Scrum Master, one of the key areas I found that I needed to improve on, was my investment in time with the Product Owner. We often focus on the development team, which is good, however, we can end up negleting the coaching and development of the equally important owner of the product features. Coaching the product owner on backlog management, benefits of scrum rules, improving return on investment or even team dynamics. I often spent time thinking about how i could improve here.




So whenever next you finish hosting one of the Scrum meetings or have an interaction with the Scrum team or stakeholders, try thinking about how you can improve that particular situation. Confess to yourself where you could improve and make the change. You will often find that people gradually notice the change you are making and the results will reflect positively in the outcome of any project.




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